Latest Release Notes

Latest Release Notes for version 6.0.25

Improvements (15)

  • Log in
    • Skandocs now authenticates the username and password / Change username and password. This means that everything is now encrypted with HTTPS for additional security. In the case of failure Skandocs will revert back to NON Secure Authentication.

      You will notice that on the log in screen there is a tick box; users should leave the tick on when logging in unless they have problems. Log in speed or process should not change with this addition.

      If users do have problems they should first untick the HTTPS secure box and try again. Alternatively contact the Skanska service desk

      For further information on what HTTPS is please read the following link;

  • Searching
    • Ability to search for documents that don’t have a date in the field. For example a user wants to produce a list of defects that haven’t been signed off.

      Go to the Date field. E.g. Date Complete and press F5. This will place the word “NULL” in the field, and then click on the find button as normal. (The Null value basically means find everything that doesn’t have a value in this field).

  • Reports
    • New Defex Checklist report by Number. This report lists out all the defects in the database by number rather than location or contractor.
    • Add “Issued From” to the Document Return Report so users can list all Return issued by a specific user.
    • Add “Issued From” to the Issue Report so users can list all issued documents issued by a specific user.
    • Add “Document No” when searching for Information Document and Instruction Document. Add “TNote No” when searching for TNotes.
    • Links have been added to the Listing / checklist Report if the document and has an attachment.
  • General
    • Ability to change Skandocs Font - Make it bigger (Include Meta Data) & Bug fix with Calendar. Click on System configuration and click on Size & Color settings.
  • Tablet / Offline
    • When Synchronize data offline "My Computer" will appear in the login for the machine regardless of who is logged on to that machine. NB. (Tablet’s might not be able to Synchronize with the new .exe unless they have been docked and the necessary changes have been done by ITSD).
    • Remove "Replicate Project" from popup menu when you right clock on the project in the navigation. This functionality is now with Export To Tablet when you have access from the listing of documents after search
    • ???
  • Virtual Directory
    • Ability to download latest attachments from several documents in the Virtual Directory at once.
  • Distribution
    • Ability to Copy/Paste to create new Distribution Lists.
  • T Notes
    • Add default contractual paragraph in transmittal note.

Fixes (4)

  • Reports
    • When run Defex Summary Report and you select the Defex location its show’s all locations for all contracts instead of current contract.
  • Distribution
    • Change Skandocs so when you go to Distribution and select distribute to "distribution list" the system doesn’t show lists that don’t have users assigned to it.
  • General
    • Isapi.dll Initialization Error on SkaSQL04 and SkaSQL05
  • Tablet / Offline
    • Change Artra Link to Hyperlinks to: /docportal/
Latest Release Notes for version 6.0.13

Improvements (5)

  • Security now allows distribution of Previously Issued Documents.
  • To improve the speed of the reports a change to the database has been made.
  • Uses may now log on to Skandocs using their e-mail address as the UserID. (Note older accounts may need their email adding to the system before this is applicable).
  • * Document Data Export From Skandocs including Hyperlinks for the attachments.
  • Deleting document when they have been approved.

Changes (1)

  • Changed the helpdesk details to the new service desk details

Fixes (4)

  • The Error that appeared when using the Calendar page in Skandocs has been fixed.
  • The timeout within Skandocs when running reports has been increased, when users are running large reports or complex.
  • * A DC can now delete a document even after the attachment has been issued or approved; both in the categories and unapproved area of Skandocs.
  • Refinements to the new security setup have now stopped users from differing companies, adding their revisions to other company’s drawings, unless the appropriate security permissions have been set.

*[Please note that for auditing purposes documents or attachments deleted will still remain in the database with their current history, but are removed from general circulation]
Latest Release Notes for version 6.0.12

Improvements (2)

  • Ability to Un-delete documents from the deleted items area. (Please note that this will only work if the document number is not already in the database).
  • Projects now have the ability to update multiple documents simultaneously. (For further information please refer to the Skandocs User Guide Multiple update for details)

Fixes (1)

  • The use of the System ShortCuts (Ctr-S & Ctr+N) is now as, default turned off, to assist Skandocs in Poland. The Polish Keyboard uses these actions to create and use special characters. If you require this turning on please contact a member of the Skandocs team.
Latest Release Notes for version 6.0.10

Improvements (2)

  • In System set up, document controllers have the ability to turn off the deleted users so that the list only shows current users.
  • The addition of an astrics (*) to the latest revision in reports.

Fixes (5)

  • Users can now upload attachments within unapproved, if the correct security permissions have been set.
  • Users can now search in the deleted items area.
  • Users can now search in the unapproved area.
  • A fix to the error message that appears when reprinting transmittal notes.
  • A prompt for user deleting documents has been added.
Latest Release Notes for version 6.0

Improvements (2)

  • Outlook Functionality
    • Outlook will not load or be visible if the user is not a Skanska employee or is not on a Skanska network.
  • Security
    • Improvements to they way Document Controllers set security for users has been made easier.
    • A change to the way Skandocs handles security has been streamlined to improve the speed and response of the database.

Fixes (6)

  • When exiting Skandocs the error message "Handle is invalid" no longer appears.
  • If a user doesn’t have a default project in the menu tree, Skandocs takes the first one in the list instead of leaving the navigation area blank.
  • Previously users who shared a PC where unable to set the columns in the listing area to their own settings. The settings are now saved against your name in the pc’s registry.
  • Improvements to Distribution:
    • Warning appears if the person is already in the list
    • Don’t show deleted users in the distribution listing anymore
    • Users can now distribute using the company field plus the distribution list field. Previously it used to be one or the other but not both at the same time.
  • Deleted users are not shown anymore in the distribution list screen.
  • Issue Reports, no longer show passive users as part of the report. (I.e. documents that have been distributed to users when a new account has been created). (Message do you want to make all previous documents distributed to company available in their inbox.)