Welcome to Skandocs

Skanska has long recognised the importance of efficient information flow and document management to the successful management of the design and construction process. The origins of our own electronic document management system, Skandocs, extend back over 12 years, and it has been gradually developed to meet the specific needs of the construction industry as well as keeping pace with new technology.

Skandocs is used on all our construction projects, in many cases with third party remote access to the information database for design team members and suppliers. These projects include The Barts and London project, Central Nottinghamshire PFI hospital, 50 Queen Ann’s Gate, and a number of other projects around the UK.


Skandocs is the purpose built document management and control system, of Skanska. The system has been designed and built by a group of the site applications team of Skanska Construction Technology Services Department together with Skanska’s own site staff and Construction Industry Professionals who have been partners with us on some of our major projects.

The need to develop an Electronic Document Control System was founded in two basic requirements:
  • The increasing need to reduce the time cycle for Designing Development whilst providing the ability for an entire Design Team (Consultants, Main Contractor and Sub-Contractor) to operate as one within a virtual office environment. This requirement is complicated further by introducing the need of providing the required security assurance to the virtual office environment.
  • Construction Industry professionals are today swamped with masses of information from a variety of sources all of which has to be co-ordinated in order to produce an end produce an end product of the correct quality.
    There developed a clear need therefore for this information to be managed and retained in a clear logical format so that it can be recalled on demand and the ultimate user may be sure that the information provided is correct and up to date.

From the to basic requirements above a myriad of additional needs and wants have developed relating to such matter as the controlled distribution of documents, their archiving and the development of the statutory Health & Safety files for the project.

All of the above challenges are met and conquered by Skandocs working together with the dedicated Document Controllers supports by the Site Management team and the Construction Industry Professionals who are brought together into a virtual Office environment in order to ensure the successful completion of each projects.